There has been a huge shift in the last twenty years in terms of how photographers have photographed weddings both in terms of the equipment used and the style of the final product. These trends have been also been noticable in wedding photography in Cambridgeshire. Traditionally these two elements have been linked in that photographer’s styles have been, to a certain extent, dictated by the equipment at their disposal. For years the photographs taken at weddings were of static groups of guests and families taken with large cameras mounted on tripods. This gradually evolved as 35mm film cameras became widely available, cameras were much faster and more portable and photographers now took a series of rather predictable set up shots as well as the traditional group shots. Photographs of register signings, cake cuttings and other “key wedding moments” became the standard and couples would choose maybe twenty or thirty images for a final album.

More recently, and partly due to the advent of digital photography, things have changed. Photographers, and wedding photographers in Cambridge have moved to a much more “photo documentary” style recording the key moments of the day in photo journalistic style. looking for much more natural or relaxed shots that really capture the emotion and flavour of the day as well as the more traditional formal family group shots. This style was almost exclusively the fashion maybe ten years ago when the move to digital cameras allowed a much more relaxed style of shooting without the perceived cost limitations of film cameras. Photographers felt able to “snap away” and the resultant images were much more fluid and prolific than before.

However, this wasn’t always the best scenario for the bride and groom. Despite the photographer’s new found freedom it is extremely difficult to produce a consistently high quality set of images photographing just in this hands off style. Quality wise many couples were being presented with substandard work not worthy or representative of the investment and professionalism expected. There was a great deal of pressure on photographers to conform to the new way and many who weren’t able to adapt fell by the wayside, many simply weren’t able to compete in an ever changing and demanding technological market.

In more recent years this earlier polarity of style has been tempered by a much more eclectic tolerance among couples and a wider diversity of styles among photographers. The truly authentic and effective wedding photojournalists are relatively few and far between, a majority of photographers employ a mixture of this type of pure photojournalism, a more stylised and controlled style of editorial photography, as well as photographing the bride and groom in what is often a fashion photography orientated style. This eclectic stylistic offering is great for most couples in that it offers variety and in many ways the best of many worlds however it has lead to a multitude of wedding photographers offering what is essentially the same sort of style. this can be confusing and difficult for the bride and groom as, rather than being able to make a

choice on image style they are being forced to look at more tangible elements such as costs to make their comparisons. There are notable exceptions however with some photographers differentiating themselves by working either exclusively in a fashion photography inspired style or exclusively in a photojournalistic way.

In the future, wedding photography is likely to be more influenced by technological developments than ever before. Many of the new DSLR cameras are capable of recording high quality video, many video recorders are of sufficient quality that it is possible to extract stills and there is a whole raft of new cameras coming on to the market that will, in all probability, make the noisy, clunky DSLR a thing of the past in a few years time. The photographers who embrace this technology, move with the times and use the new to their advantage will thrive and prosper. Those who cannot or will not will be lost by the wayside just as with the digital revolution of a few years ago.
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